Asahi Ishizaki/ Vocalist

Mie Prefecture Taki Town Tourism Ambassador/Meiwa Town Tourism Ambassador
Mie Prefecture Certified Mie Culture Person, Mie Prefecture Drug Abuse Prevention Instructor

He born in Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture in December 1.

From early childhood, studied under master of marimba player Ms. Reiko Tajima, Then was active in the chorus club during his school days. Studied under Ms. Shizuyo Hatayama  After that, He participate in some of theatrical activities and accumulate the stage experience.

In order to broaden the range of activities in many ways, Received training as well as training for the japanese Enka composer, and also acquired music judge qualifications.

Activities started full-scale since 2007.

Sang at Lions club, various celebrations, hotel concerts, municipal events, various group & NPO events, private party and others.

He perform numerous mini concerts etc. at various facilities with the spirit of welfare and rehabilitation inherited from family. also at Prisons.

Every year a solo live was hold (2008-2014)

October 2015 first Record the informal cover album “Jin” (not for sale).

The first official First Cover album “Jin ~ JIN 2016” (Ise Shima Summit Support Project) released in March 2016.

April 2016 Sales of single music at various music distribution services began.

September 2016 American performance, great success · ended loudly popular.

September 2017 American performance again, great success.

Octobert 2017 held Prison Concert at Kyoto Prison.

November 2017 held Shoboji-temple Autumn leaves concert and Chokokuji-temple autumn festival concert.

February 2018 was appointed Tourism ambassador of Meiwa-town, Taki-county, Mie-prefecture.

July 2018 & 2019 held dedication concert for dead soldiers at Mie prefecture Gokoku Shrine, Tsu-city.

Selected as Cultural person of Mie by Mie prefecture.

October 2018, Appeared in the Rehabilitation Exhibition at Wakayama Prison(Female prison containment facility)

May 2019 Performed at Catholic Ueno Church Festival, the National Aichi University of Education and Singing and lectured at Yokkaichi Rehabilitation Women’s General Assembly

June 2019 held Lavender concert at Nagoya City Green Association Arako-river Park.

August 2019 Performed at Bonfire live performance in famous historical landmark, Ichijo Modoribashi, Kyoto-city.

October 2019 Performed at Gifu Prison.

November 2019 Performed at Mie Prison and Drug Abuse Prevention Yokkaichi City Convention.

December 2019 Performed at US. held two concerts at Maryknoll Fathers& Brothers and joined Choirs of First Presbyterien Church. Meeting with Ms.Dana Levenberg, supervisor of Town of Ossining.

January 2020 Performed prison market, produced by Nagoya prison.

April 2022, Commissioned as a drug abuse prevention instructor by Prefecture. Interviewed by the Ise Mainichi Newspaper

In November 2023, he performed at a rehabilitation exhibition at Osaka Prison, the largest prison in western Japan. Interviewed by Tokyo Broadcast Newspaper.

In January 2024, Appointed as Tourism Ambassador by Taki Town, Mie-prefecture.

In April 2024, his concert will be held at a mountain villa built in 1912 by Gensen Mori, the founder of Hazu Hospital in Komono Town. Published in Ise Shimbun.

Always working missionary works, rehabilitations works and welfare works!

Specialty genres range widely, from the standard number of Western music to Chanson, Canzone, Standard songs, Japanese enka, Christian number and Japanese popular songs!

Is attracting attention internally and externally as a vocalist who wears japanese traditional kimonos well and known precious male singer who can introduce sprit of Japan.

Even in the absence of acoustic equipment, will hold live performances at All Cappella.