社会活動/Social Activities

これまで数多くの福祉活動・更生保護活動等で様々な方々とご縁賜りました。 全て私の宝物です。

I have connected various person through many welfare and rehabilitation activities. All my treasures.




I sang at “No! Absolutely”, Yokkaichi City Convention to prevent drug abuse.

Thank you for your collaboration with members of Yokkaichi Rehabilitation Women’s Association.

In the future, including today, I will continue to learn more about the actual situation of drug abuse and do my best to prevent it.



I appeared at the general meeting of my hometown the Yokkaichi City Rehabilitation Women Association in May 2019.

I am determined to continue making efforts to raise awareness for rehabilitation protection activities.




October 14, 2018 I performed at Pink Ribbon Kohoku in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.

The Pink Ribbon is a worldwide awareness campaign aimed at spreading correct breast cancer knowledge and promoting early breast cancer screening.

I have been working very hard to understand correctly and promote early detection of diseases, including peritoneal pseudomyxoma, which is an intractable disease.


I would do my best to contribute to the revitalization of depopulated municipalities. In 2019, I performed at an event in Kasagi Town (population of about 1100), the only village in Kyoto Prefecture, in Minamiyamashiro Village.

2018年9月19日 鈴鹿市和順学園様にて敬老会で歌唱させて戴きました。同学園は1962年初期の精神薄弱児施設として設立され、現在では70名以上が生活されています。

September 19, 2018 I sang at the meeting to show respect for the aged at Wajun Gakuen, Suzuka City. The facility was established for the mentally retarded in the early 1962, and more than 70 people are now living there.

三重県自閉症・発達障害支援センター れんげ様(大紀町)のれんげ祭りに出演させて戴きました。


I performed at Renge(lotus) festival of Mie Prefectural Autism / Developmental Disability Support Center Renge(Taiki-town).

I am also grateful for the fact that I have been nurtured every day by taking care of my skinship.


September 9, 2018 I held mini-concert at healty festival of National Mie Hospital.


I sang songs of each region and each genre to answert various requests as much as possible in the social welfare council events.

津市社会福祉法人敬愛会様 秋祭りで。


In Autumn festival of Keiaikai, Social welfare corporation in Tsu city.

Keieikai is a corporation that began with the establishment by Mr. Soshun Takayama, chief priest of Chokokuji-temple was able to live with people with mental disabilities at his own expense in 1951.

米国 OssiningのSt.Teresa’s Residenceで。いわば歴史の生き証人であるリタイアされたカトリック修道士の方々と。



At St.Teresa’s Residence in Ossining, USA. With retired Catholic priests.

 The language is different, but the world is one.

I introduce mainly Japanese nostalgic songs overseas.




I made use of various overseas experiences and sang at events organized by each municipalities international exchange association.

with Ladies from Thailand on Tsu City International Exchange Day.



I would like to contribute to peace operations with effort.

With Sister Jean Fallon, who was served as an interpreter for Mother Teresa and received an award for peace.



At the welfare facilities for the elderly, I mainly sang Japanese favorite songs and songs in Showa.

I are literally proud of “walking Showa music”.